Dr. Mukami Nthiga Publications

Journal Publications

  1. Nthiga, L.N. “Unmanned drones and the role of human surveillance in armed conflict”, International Review of the Red Cross, (2019 April), No. 910, ISSN: 1816-3831, 31: 46-49.
  2. Nthiga, L.N. “Nexus of International development and economic security of women in Non International Armed conflicts”, International Review of the Red Cross, (2019 August 2019) No. 911, ISSN 1816-3831: 51-54.
  3. Nthiga, L.N and Scott, C.P. “Horizontal Foreign Direct Investment during perceived International Armed Conflicts”, Public Law Journal, (2019 February) ISSN: 0033-3565
  4. Nthiga, L.N. “When terrorism clads in healing fragrance- Economic Terrorism and its bait for post war regions” Italian Economic Journal (Under Review) ISSN: 2199-3238
  5. Nthiga, L.N. and Aristodemou, M. “A modernist and literary examination of justice under the apparition of morality.” (In progress)

Research Publications

  1. Nthiga, L.N. (2019). Impact assessment of the sustainability of the theories of change in championing socio-economic rights of war victims. A case of Khartoum Sudan. M.B.A. Global Business and Sustainability thesis, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Tangaza Campus).
  2. Nthiga, L.N. (2017). Psychoanalysis of judgement’s effect on the right to health of key and Affected Populations in armed conflict, M.Phil. in Law thesis, Birkbeck College- University of London.

Conference Papers and Attendance

  1. Foreign Direct Investment, Conference and Moot Court Competition, 15th -17th July 2019, Africa Nazarene School of Law.
  2. 24th International Humanitarian and Security conference, March 7-8, 2019, International Conference Centre Geneva, Geneva.
  3. Muslim and Christian engagement for social transformation in Africa, 11th -12th April 2018. Tangaza University College, Kenya.
  4. Foreign Direct Investment, Conference and Moot Court Competition, 15th -17th August 2018, Africa Nazarene School of Law.
  5. Annual Conference on Social Entrepreneurship 22nd-23rd September 2017, University of Dar es Salaam


  1. Nthiga, L.N. (2018, August 18). Why a cookie cutter approach for me? Youth and Governance in Kenya. Presentation done at TEDx Muthangari Conference, August, Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Nthiga, L.N. (7th September 2018). Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their perceived judgment in armed conflict- the case of Systematic Autonomous warfare. Paper presented at Armed groups and International Law (AHRI) Conference, Edinburgh Global Justice Academy, Scotland.